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Chairman of Huishan Dairy Purchases Additional Shares for HK$2.236 Billion Increases Shareholding to 60.62%

(Hong Kong, 22 April 2015) – China Huishan Dairy Holdings Company Limited (“Huishan Dairy” or “the Group”) (stock code: 6863) has announced that the Group’s ultimate controlling shareholder, chairman and executive director, Mr. Yang Kai (“Mr. Yang”) had purchased 1,285,137,928 ordinary shares of the Group (“Shares”) for an aggregate amount of about HK$2.236 billion, further increasing his shareholding to approximately 60.62% of the Group’s entire issued share capital.

Mr. Yang has purchased, through Champ Harvest Limited (“Champ Harvest”), 1,285,137,928 Shares for an aggregate amount of about HK$2.236 billion from Well Ease Limited and, Crown Castle Investment Holdings Limited. Well Ease Limited is ultimately wholly-owned by Dato’ Dr. Cheng Yu Tung. The price represents HK$1.74 per Share, and the closing price on 22 April 2015 is HK$1.59 per Share, a premium of 9.43%. It is a term of the purchase of such Shares that if the closing price per Share as quoted on the Stock Exchange on any trading day on or before 22 April 2016 is more than HK$1.74, Champ Harvest shall pay an additional amount per Share of not more than HK$0.10 per Share.

Following the purchase, Mr. Yang holds 8,680,846,316 Shares in the Group, representing approximately 60.62% of the entire issued share capital, directly and indirectly through Champ Harvest. Champ Harvest is a company owned as to 90% by Mr. Yang and 10% by Ms. Ge Kun, another executive director of the Group.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Huishan Dairy, Mr. Yang Kai, said, “The purchase of additional Shares has demonstrated our strong confidence in the Huishan Dairy’s development strategies and prospects. Looking ahead, leveraging the vertically-integrated dairy value chain business model and adhering to our operation philosophy of “good cows, good grass and good milk”, we will maintain our leading position in the dairy industry in China, provide consumers with safe and high quality dairy products and thus deliver more than spectacular returns to our shareholders.”